Current and Planned Initiatives to Meet Hospital Service Area Needs:

Community Input

Porter Hospital is in the midst of updating our 2012 Community Health Needs Assessment as prescribed by the “Affordable Care Act”. We completed the initial draft of this report in September of 2012 and we are reaching out to our community and our community health and human service agency representatives to publish an updated Needs Assessment during the calendar year 2015.

Plan to Update the Community Nees Assessment
Porter Hospital plans to update the Community Health Needs Assessment every three years as outlined by the Affordable Care Act through:

  • Ongoing meetings with our "Community Health Needs Assessment Advisory Committee"
  • Participation in other local organizations to update the Community Health Needs Assessment
  • Continued posting of the community survey on our web site (

For more information about this Needs Assessment, or to obtain a copy of the 2012 report, please call the Porter Hospital Public Relations office at 388-4744 or click here.

Additional Key Strategic Innitiatives/Issues
In addition to the Community Health Needs Assessment, Porter Medical Center is reviewing a number of Key Strategic Initiatives/Issues currently which need to be addressed over the next 1-3 years:

Preparing for the Conversion of the national “ICD-10” Coding System:

  • In 2014, a law was passed by Congress to delay the implementation by one year to 2015. Porter has been preparing for this major transition for many months and we feel confident that our organization is adequately prepared.
  • Management plans to propose funding of $1M per year over the next 4-5 years

EMR Upgrade / Conversion

  • Porter Hospital will be exploring the “next generation” of our EMR in the months ahead.

OneCareVT ACO Participation

  • Porter is a member of the OneCare ACO. We continue to work with other members and the State of Vermont on this and other issues related to payment reform/healthcare reform.