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April 7, 2016                                                   RON HALLMAN, 802-388-4744

Porter Reaches out to Patients about Closing of Internal Medicine Practice

MIDDLEBURY--Porter Medical Center Interim CEO Dr. Fred Kniffin sent a letter this week to the patients of Porter Internal Medicine formally announcing the plans for closing this practice. “I am writing to share with you the news that Dr. Naomi Hodde and Dr. Cynthia Smith will be leaving our practice to pursue professional opportunities outside of our community in the next few months. Dr. Smith will be leaving at the end of this month and Dr. Hodde will be leaving in mid-June” he wrote.

The letter goes on to say that: “From May 2 until her final departure on June 13, Dr. Hodde will be available to see patients at our Bristol Internal Medicine practice. At that time, her patients may choose to see another provider in that location or choose another provider within our community--and we will assist you,”.

Kniffin shares in the letter that his leadership team and area providers have been working hard behind the scenes to identify the best option for the remaining PIM physician, Dr. Brad Armstrong, and his patients. “In light of these changes and after a very thorough review of all possible near-term options, Dr. Brad Armstrong and I have determined that we will be relocating his medical practice to our Neshobe Family Medicine practice in Brandon as of May 2nd. Although we explored every possible option for allowing Dr. Armstrong to remain in the current location, it truly is not feasible to maintain a full-time/stand-alone medical practice with a single provider” he added.

“We understand, appreciate and sincerely apologize for the significant impact these changes will have on you as a patient. Losing your provider, or having your provider relocate to another practice, are extremely difficult situations for any patient. We are 100% committed to working with every PIM patient to ensure that you and your family have the care you need” Kniffin said.

According to the letter, any current patient of the practice will be automatically transferred to Dr. Armstrong at Neshobe if they wish to follow him there. “If at this time you wish to follow Dr. Armstrong to his new practice location at Neshobe, you do not have to do anything. Your records will be automatically transferred to the new practice with no action on your part”.

“If you would prefer to transfer your care to another local office, our office staff is committed to working with you and facilitating a smooth transition and continued excellent service for you and your family” he wrote.

Enclosed with the letter is a list of Porter practices that are currently accepting new patients in case individuals wish to transfer their care by reaching out to one of these practices directly. But it also offers additional assistance to patients if they need help. “Please feel free to call our office at 388-8805 and we will assist you in any way possible” it reads.

“I am confident that one of the offices within Porter Medical Group can continue to provide timely access to appointments and the same level of outstanding patient care that you have come to expect from Porter Internal Medicine” Kniffin said.




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April 7, 2016                                                   RON HALLMAN, 802-388-4744

Community Commentary: Porter and Primary Care
Dr. Fred Kniffin, Interim President and CEO

At our recent Porter Medical Center Annual Meeting I announced that I had learned that morning that Porter Internal Medicine would be closing soon. Since then, I have received numerous calls and letters from community members who are deeply concerned by the closing of this practice and about the future of adult primary care access in Addison County. I appreciated that feedback, and I would like to take this opportunity to address those concerns.

First, please know that I appreciate the unique nature of the physician-patient relationship. If your physician is leaving our community, I understand how difficult that is. We are fortunate in this community to have great healthcare providers. Access to high quality primary care is essential to us all.

When I started at Porter in 1990, we had four internal medicine physicians: Dr. Ted Collier, Dr. Robert LaFiandra, Dr. Dave Henderson and Dr. Alan Covey. They were core members of our medical staff. I admired their commitment to their patients. I respected their skills and wisdom. They were colleagues and mentors for me as a young physician.

I was around when this first group of internists retired, and I know how hard those retirements can be when a generation of our community has such a deep connection with these doctors. What I also learned is how difficult it can be to recruit high quality primary care internal medicine physicians.

One year ago, we had eight providers in our community practicing internal medicine. Today we have six, soon to be four. For those upset by the departure of these valuable providers, I fully understand and acknowledge your anger. We are a diminished community for this loss.

Which brings us to today…..

I believe in Internal Medicine. I am an Internist by training. I believe a healthy department of Internal Medicine is essential for our hospital and for the health of our community. But there is no easy or short-term fix. Recruiting new, highly skilled physicians to locate and practice here will take time. As the new leader of Porter Medical Center, I plan to work with my board, medical staff and administrative colleagues to take a comprehensive look at where we are and develop a solid plan for addressing the primary care needs of our community. It will be hard work, but it is urgent and necessary work, and we will do it together.

In summary, I understand how unsettling these changes have been for our community. Our network of physicians, both primary and specialty care, is one of the great assets of our community. Porter’s Mission is to improve the health of our community, and a strong provider network is essential to this mission. Please know I recognize the value of our provider network, and that I will be working hard in the weeks and months ahead to address this extraordinarily important issue.



Annual Meeting of Porter Mecial Center, Inc.

The Annual Meeting of Porter Medical Center, Inc. will take place on March 30, 2016, at 7:00pm in Bicentennial Hall, Room 216. The Meeting Agenda is now available here. Also the proposed changes to the Bylaws are also available here.



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February 4, 2016                                                   RON HALLMAN, 802-388-4744

Porter Medical Center: The Path Forward
Maureen McLaughlin, Porter Medical Center Board Chair

The future of Porter Medical Center has never been brighter.

That is a very broad, potentially provocative, statement - especially in light of all of the recent changes, challenges, and difficult decisions our community has been hearing about. Nevertheless, it is a statement that is embraced by the Porter Medical Center Board of Directors, and one which we believe truly characterizes our board's belief and commitment to the future of the organization.

It will not be an easy path--real change is never “easy”. However, ongoing transformation is what is needed, what is essential, if we are to continue to serve our community with the highest quality healthcare services possible for the present and future generations. We recognize there is a human element to this transformation. Porter deeply values all of its employees and has encouraged those affected to apply for open positions within our campus for continued employment.

I read an article last week in a Board Governance publication about the challenges of leading an organization to a stronger future when, by all outward appearances to the staff, community and patients, everything is “just fine” as it is today. Here is my favorite quote from that article:

“It’s relatively easy to win support to fix an organization that is clearly broken. When every observer knows the business is losing money, the customers are going elsewhere, and the staff is leaving to join competition, the company’s leadership has broad permission to make dramatic changes to ensure the organization’s ongoing viability and prosperity. But what should leaders do when the platform isn’t burning yet, and they know the fire is coming? How can visionary healthcare leaders transform their successful systems today so they can be successful tomorrow, too?”

The current financial challenges, now being addressed by Porter, have been shared openly with the community in several local newspaper articles, on Middlebury Community Television, in community commentaries and Letters to the Editor. What is equally important to share with the community is that our Board of Directors has a deliberated, comprehensive process in place to address the current short-term challenges, while developing a long-range strategic plan that will sustain and support the Mission and essential services provided by Porter Medical Center.

We are governing through challenging times, but with a clear vision for our future: “To improve the health of our community, one person at a time” and be the health care system of preferred choice for you, the people of Addison County. Those may just sound like admirable words – but with our Mission and our Values guiding us as we move forward with each difficult and complex decision, we are dedicated to providing high-quality patient-centered health care for our community, while stewarding the resources entrusted to us.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate this essential and complex path of transformation. We will continue communicating often with our community as we carry on with this important journey.


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January 6, 2016                                                   RON HALLMAN, 802-388-4744

Porter Announces Plans to Create new “Porter Access Center” to Better Serve Patients

MIDDLEBURY--By early spring, Porter Medical Center will be introducing a new “Porter Access Center” to facilitate faster and better access to care for all Porter patients.

“Our Mission is to provide excellent healthcare services, create an exceptional patient/family experience and do so without waste and excessive cost. In assessing areas for improvement that enhance attainment of our Mission, Peter Igneri and Rebecca Woods are leading an effort to create a new “Porter Access Center” by mid-March” said PMC President Lynn Boggs.

According to Boggs, the Access Center will be a centralized and specialized “call center,” staffed by existing and experienced Porter staff members. Staff will handle appointment scheduling, referrals to specialists/other providers and obtaining required pre-authorizations, for our entire network of Porter practices and their patients, as well as new patients and those referred from out-of-network providers.

Patients will continue to call the telephone number of any Porter practice (the current phone number) and their call will automatically be routed to the Access Center. “Our goal is that all calls will be answered within 3 rings by one of the staff members. Staff members will have access to templates and protocols, which are being developed now, for each individual Porter provider using their input. Patients will be scheduled or referred for appointments in a very timely and customer-focused process. When available, we will introduce a single telephone number for patients to use which will be marketed for Porter Medical Center” Boggs added.

“Our staff members within each practice will be able to focus more attention on their patients who are receiving care within the practice locations, instead of excessive phone time which interrupts and slows the patient experience routinely today” she said.

Currently, there is a “pilot program” underway at Neshobe Family Medicine, where a group of Porter staff are testing this process with referrals and pre-authorizations. On the first day of this pilot, the staff successfully handled more than 300 referrals/pre-authorizations.

According to Boggs, the “Porter Access Center” will be located in one of the modular office buildings on our campus once some minor renovations are complete. “We are excited to be creating this new Access Center to better serve our community and support our Mission.”



first in 2016FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                        FOR MORE INFORMATION:
January 2, 2016                                                   RON HALLMAN, 802-388-4744

MIDDLEBURY, Vt. – Only minutes after welcoming the New Year, the staff at the Porter Hospital Birthing Center welcomed the first baby born in a Vermont hospital. Gary Augustus Brodowski, a 9-pound, 3-ounce baby boy, arrived at 12:07 a.m. on January 1 and was Vermont’s “New Year’s Baby” for 2016. The family lives in Rutland and also has a 2-year old daughter.


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November 30, 2015                                                   RON HALLMAN, 802-388-4744

Komen Grant Supports Porter Initiative to Provide Free Screening Mammograms

MIDDLEBURY--Since 1990, Porter Hospital has been providing free screening mammograms to area women who do not qualify for the “Ladies First” program or who have high deductible insurance plans.

Thanks to a recent grant from the Susan G. Komen foundation and in concert with the Ladies First program and the Open Door Clinic, Porter has secured additional resources to offer even more free mammograms to women during the month of January.

“We will be reserving several slots for this program in January and getting the word out by the local media to ensure that women know about this opportunity” said PMC spokesperson Ron Hallman.

“Screening mammograms remain one of the standard and highly effective screening tools for early detection of breast cancer” said Dr. Steve Koller, a Radiologist at Porter Hospital. “According to the American College of Radiology women are encouraged to have a screening mammogram annually beginning at age 40” he added.

Porter recently introduced a new 3D mammography unit which is the latest state of the art technology available.

“Additionally, our new 3D unit allows us to see masses and distortions associated with cancers significantly more clearly,” he added. “This new technology also detects 41% more breast cancers and reduces false positives by 40%,”.

For more information about this program, contact the Porter Hospital Radiology Department at 388-4757.


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November 18, 2015                                                   RON HALLMAN, 802-388-4744 or

Infusion Center to Open at Porter Medical Center

MIDDLEBURY--Porter Medical Center is preparing to open a new “Infusion Center”, a clinical space designed to address the medical needs of hundreds of area patients who currently have to travel outside of Addison County for many types of therapeutic services required to treat a wide-range of diseases.

“Infusion (IV) therapy involves the administration of medication through a needle or a catheter. This therapy is prescribed when a patient's condition cannot be treated effectively by oral medication,” said PMC Chief Medical Officer Dr. Fred Kniffin.

According to Kniffin, the Infusion Center will offer a variety of outpatient infusion therapies designed to treat conditions ranging from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, immune deficiencies, infectious diseases, anemia, asthma and more.

“If you need to receive medications via infusion as part of your treatment plan, our clinical team will work with your physician to provide convenient access to care, as well as support your family in what will be a comfortable and relaxing facility. The new Infusion Center will open on November 30 and will be located in the Porter Medical Center Collins building, and is currently being outfitted with new treatment chairs and non-clinical features that will allow patients to listen to music, watch television and visit with family, all while receiving their infusion treatment.

“Our goal is to provide excellent patient care in the most convenient and comfortable setting possible,” Kniffin added. “Moving forward, we will be working closely with our patients and their families to seek their input and ideas to continually improve our service and the overall patient experience.”


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September 9, 2015                                                   RON HALLMAN, 802-388-4744 or

Porter Appoints New Chief Medical Officer

MIDDLEBURY--Dr. Carrie Wulfman, a family practice physician who sees patients at Neshobe Family Medicine in Brandon and is also the Medical Director of Helen Porter Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, has been appointed to serve as the next Chief Medical Officer of Porter Medical Center effective January 1, 2016. Her new role will begin as on an “interim” basis so that she can evaluate the demands of this new position while continuing to see patients two days each week at Neshobe Family Medicine in Brandon. Dr. Wulfman will replace Dr. Fred Kniffin as the Porter CMO.

“When I assumed this position over two years ago, I told our CEO that I wanted to take this assignment on for two years and then return to my roots as an Emergency physician”, said Dr. Kniffin. “I have been honored to serve as the first Chief Medical Officer in the history of Porter and to have played a role in many important projects, including the transition to our new CEO, Lynn Boggs. I am now ready, both personally and professionally, to return to caring for patients.”

“The timing of this change is perfect. Lynn is an extremely competent CEO and exceptional leader. She understands the importance of quality care and customer service and has the experience and expertise to take Porter to the next level”, he added.

Boggs, who assumed the role of President and CEO of Porter Medical Center in late June, praised Dr. Kniffin for both his many past contributions to Porter and for playing a central role in her transition. “Fred is a remarkable person, experienced physician and advocate for quality at Porter Medical Center,” she said. “As he approaches the final months of his commitment to this key leadership role, his devotion and contribution to our organization, and to our senior leadership team, remain invaluable. I am very pleased to know that Dr. Kniffin will remain part of the Porter ‘fabric’ caring for the sick and injured in our Emergency Department,” she added.

Boggs also praised Dr. Wulfman for agreeing to step forward into this position on a part-time basis while she continues to serve the patients of Brandon and surrounding communities as a practicing physician two days each week. “Carrie has consistently demonstrated that she is a caring, compassionate and extremely competent physician, and her patients at Neshobe Family Medicine absolutely love her,” Boggs said. “I am gratified that we were able to create a schedule for Carrie that allows her to continue to serve patients while also taking on responsibilities as a new physician leader for Porter.”


Green Mountain Care Board Announces 2016 Hospital Budget Decisions

Montpelier, VT – After completing its review of Vermont’s hospitals’ budget requests for fiscal year 2016, the Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB) has set the total fiscal year 2016 budget increase for Vermont’s hospital system at 3.5%, including 0.5% that qualifies as investments in health reform. This marks the third year in a row that Vermont’s 14 hospitals as a group have kept net patient revenue increases at or below the target set by the GMCB.

In announcing their decisions regarding hospital budgets for Fiscal Year 2016, the Green Mountain Care Board approved the Porter Hospital budget as submitted with no changes. Nine other hospitals’ budgets were approved as submitted and four were reduced by the GMCB.

PMC Board Chairperson, Maureen McLaughlin, responded to this news in an email to Porter’s new CEO, Lynn Boggs: “Congratulations to all. We appreciate all of your hard work, and know this result is well deserved,” she wrote.

In written guidance issued in March 2013 and reiterated this spring, the GMCB instructed hospitals to hold their FY16 net patient revenue increase to no more than 3 percent plus an allowance of up to an additional 0.6 percentage points for investments in health care reform initiatives. Net patient revenue includes payments hospitals receive from patients, government, and insurers to pay for patient care – but not revenues from other activities such as cafeterias, parking, and philanthropy.

Hospitals submitted budget requests in July, starting a two-month review process that included GMCB staff scrutiny of the budgets, open hearings with each hospital in August, a public comment period, input from the Office of the Health Care Advocate, and discussion in GMCB’s weekly open meetings.

The second key indicator of growth in hospital revenue is the “rate” – the increase in the price a hospital sets for services before negotiating with insurers. The GMCB approved rates ranging from -10.0 percent change to 6.0 percent change for individual Vermont hospitals in fiscal year 2016.


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August 5, 2015                                                               RON HALLMAN, 802-388-4744

New Campus-Wide Nutrition Service Department at PMC

In an effort to improve quality, enhance efficiency and facilitate greater collaboration within our organization, the two Nutrition Services Departments at Porter Hospital and at Helen Porter Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center are being consolidated into a single, campus-wide PMC Nutritional Services Department as of Monday, August 3rd.

The department will be led by the new PMC Nutrition Services Director, George Schreck, in concert with Laura Brace, who has been appointed as the new PMC Director of Operations for Nutrition Services and Will Endres, who will be the campus wide Nutrition Services Supervisor.

These three experienced and talented leaders will work closely together to advance excellence and efficiency in the delivery of meals for our patients, our residents, our staff and our visitors at both the hospital and HPHRC.

George Schreck comes to Porter with more than 20 years of experience as a nutrition services manager, private chef and restaurant owner. Most recently, he served as the Executive Chef and Dining Services Director at The Lodge at Otter Creek in Middlebury, where he oversaw all meal services for a 175 person community and supervised a staff of 25 employees. He was named the “Vermont Health Care Association Chef of the Year” in 2013.

Laura Brace has been a visionary leader for Porter Hospital’s nutrition services department
for the past 15 years and has led the hospital department through many successful regulatory surveys
and has brought creativity and efficiency to the provision of food for our patients, staff and visitors.
She will now be a leader for both the hospital and the nursing home working closely with George and
Jamie Bryant (who will be a lead cook at Helen Porter).

The third new PMC nutrition services department position is a Supervisor position to oversee
the day to day work of the cooks and line staffs at both the hospital and HPHRC. Will Endres has
been appointed to this new role. He brings 20 years of cooking experience to this position, including
16 with Porter. He is about to complete a certificate course as a Certified Dietary Manager through the
University of North Dakota.

“We are fortunate and excited to be embarking on this new campus-wide initiative with three
very talented and committed leaders” said PMC Vice President of Development and Public Relations
Ron Hallman.

“Our goal for this new combined department is nothing short of excellence; and I am confident that we have put into place a team that can get us there and also find efficiencies and cost-savings along the way”, he said.


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June 16, 2015                                                               RON HALLMAN, 802-388-4744

Porter Dedicates North Wing in Honor of Retiring CEO James L. Daily
In recognition of Jim Daily’s thirty-one years of service and commitment to Porter Medical Center, the PMC Board of Directors announced last week the re-dedication of the hospital’s “North Wing” as the “James L. Daily North Wing”.

“The North Wing exists due to Jim’s foresight and leadership.” said Maureen McLaughlin, Porter Medical Center Board Chairperson. “He has taken Porter Hospital from the days of “Big Brother” (1984) to Big Pharma. He has shepherded Porter from managed care and HMO’s to ACO’s, and steered us as technology has transformed the way medicine is practiced. He has had the vision to keep Porter vibrant, relevant and forward thinking. Past, present and future members of the Porter community are extremely grateful for Jim Daily’s guidance.”

The North Wing was opened in the fall of 2006 as the new home of the hospital’s first Birthing Center and a new Surgical Care Center. The $16 million project was the largest and most ambitious project in the history of Porter, and included a $5 million capital campaign.

“I am deeply moved to have been honored by Porter in this very significant way” Daily said. “The North Project was a team effort and required the commitment of many individuals for an extended period of time; it is very meaningful to me to have my name associated with such an important community resource” he added.


Porter Introduces new 3D Mammography Details...


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June 3, 2015                                                               RON HALLMAN, 802-388-4744
Porter Hospital Introduces the Care Channel for Patient Areas

Porter hospital now offers The C.A.R.E channel for patients and family. It is a soothing addition to the TV channels currently offered. More Information.


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May 19, 2015                                                               RON HALLMAN, 802-388-4744

Porter Hospital Birthing Center Earns State-Wide Recognition

Middlebury-- As part of the Vermont Regional Perinatal Health Project, representatives of the Porter Hospital Birthing Center recently reviewed the 2014 Perinatal Statistics for Vermont Community Hospitals at a May meeting sponsored by the Vermont Child Health and Improvement Program (VCHIP).”

This annual meeting of hospital providers of maternity care focuses on ways to continuously identify and implement improvement strategies for caring for women and infants at Vermont hospitals, including the review of key statistics of birthing centers throughout Vermont as compared to established quality standards.

Porter Hospital Birthing Center nurse manager, Danielle Bryant, represented Porter at this meeting and was extremely pleased with a number of key statistics that reflect well on the quality of care provided to area women in Addison County.

“Our birthing center has a 20% Cesarean section rate compared to the national average of 32% and is the third lowest C-section rate in the state of Vermont”, she said. “We also are extremely proud of the fact that we had zero non-medically indicated inductions prior to 39 weeks during the past year and that we had a 70% success rate for assisting women to successfully have a natural birth following a Cesarean birth (known as a “VBAC” birth),” she added.

Bryant also noted that Porter Hospital had the best rate in the state for the treatment of pregnant women who test positive for a bacterial infection called “Group Beta Strep” which can be passed to the baby at birth if not detected and treated during labor. “This is a very important quality indicator and we are very proud of the fact that we are performing at the highest level of any hospital in our state” she said.

In addition to high quality marks, Bryant notes that the Porter Hospital Birthing Center continues to attract more women to deliver in one of the five home-like birthing rooms. Porter has seen a steady increase in births since 2009 from 299 births that year to 376 births in 2014.


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March 31, 2015                                                             RON HALLMAN, 802-388-4744

Porter Medical Center Announces New President and Chief Executive Officer

Middlebury--Porter Medical Center Board Chair, Bill Townsend, announced today that Lynn Boggs, MBA, MSN, RN, will be Porter’s new President and Chief Executive Officer, succeeding James L. Daily who will retire this spring after 31 years in this role.

“After a comprehensive national search for a new leader for Porter Medical Center, we are absolutely thrilled to have found an exceptional health care executive with more than 35 years of experience to help guide Porter Medical Center into the future” he said.

Boggs is a registered nurse who holds master’s degrees in business administration and science of nursing, and is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives. She most recently served as Senior Vice President, System Operations, for Mission Health in North Carolina, while concurrently serving as president and CEO of McDowell Hospital; a post she held since 2012. Mission Health covers the 18-County Western North Carolina region and was recognized as one of the nation’s “Top 15 Health Systems” in 2012 and 2013 by Thomson Reuters and Truven Health Analytics. McDowell Hospital, part of the Mission System, is a 64-bed hospital with a network of nine physician/mid-level provider practices.

Among her many achievements at Mission Health was the successful development of new services in the eastern counties of Mission Health’s service area and developing system-wide clinical contracts and services that supported a clinically integrated regional network of care. As President of McDowell Hospital, she successfully led the organization in improving quality, financial performance and patient satisfaction.

Prior to her senior leadership roles at Mission Health, Boggs served as executive vice president and COO for SSM Healthcare in St. Louis, a system that includes seven hospitals in Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri and Oklahoma. While at SSM Healthcare, Boggs provided operational oversight for three hospitals, ambulatory and home health services, a 200-member medical group and 950 inpatient beds.

Before joining SSM Healthcare, Boggs served in a variety of leadership roles at Novant Health System in Winston Salem, North Carolina, a nonprofit health care system serving more than 5 million residents from Virginia to South Carolina. There, she served as president of Presbyterian Hospital and Presbyterian Orthopedic Hospital. She also spent three years as the executive vice president and COO for Novant’s four hospitals in its Southern Piedmont Region. Boggs began her career at St. Francis Xavier Hospital in Charleston, S.C. and later moved on to director of the Emergency-Trauma, Outpatient and Ambulatory Services at Greenville Hospital System in Greenville, S.C.

Boggs earned her Master of Business Administration degree from Wake Forest University and her Master of Science of Nursing – Nursing Administration degree from the Medical University of South Carolina.

“I look forward to the opportunity to join such an outstanding organization which has been serving the people of Addison County and surrounding towns for 90 years”, Boggs said. “During my visit to Porter earlier this month, I was deeply impressed by the strong commitment of the board, medical staff and employees to serving and caring for the community through excellent customer service and the delivery of high quality health care; and I am looking forward to both leading and working collaboratively as a team to take Porter forward” she said.

She added, “I also want to acknowledge the tremendous accomplishments and legacy of Jim Daily over the past 31 years, and express my strong desire to build upon his hard work and ensure that Porter Medical Center continues to serve our community with the highest quality health care services.”


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March 30, 2015                                                              RON HALLMAN, 802-388-4744

Middlebury Foot Care Joins the Porter Hospital Network of Practices
MIDDLEBURY--As of March 30th, Middlebury Foot Care became the newest area medical practice to join the Porter Hospital network of practices according to PMC spokesperson Ron Hallman.

“We are excited to welcome Middlebury Foot Care to our Porter Practice Management family of practices and to play a role in ensuring the continued success of this practice supporting the outstanding health care services provided by Dr. Peter Miller and his staff,” he said.

The Porter network of practices includes a dozen offices providing both primary care and specialized care in Middlebury, Vergennes, Bristol and Brandon.

“Although Middlebury Foot Care is now part of Porter Hospital, patients and the community will continue to receive the same services from the providers and staff who have been offering specialized podiatry services to patients for many years” Hallman added.


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Thursday, March 5, 2015                                              RON HALLMAN, 802-388-4744

Speaker Shap Smith to Provide Keynote Address at
Porter Medical Center Annual Meeting

MIDDLEBURY--The 2015 Annual Meeting of Porter Medical Center will be held on Monday evening, March 16th at 6:30 p.m. at the McCardell Bicentennial Hall (Room 216) on the campus of Middlebury College. The meeting is free and open to the public. The keynote speaker will be Vermont House of Representatives Speaker Shap Smith, who will offer his views and updates on health care reform initiatives and pending legislation in the Vermont Legislature.

The 2015 PMC annual meeting will also be the final Porter annual meeting for our retiring CEO/President, James L. Daily; and there will be a small reception for him prior to the meeting outside of the meeting room. All are invited.

In addition to the remarks by Speaker Shap Smith, brief reports will be provided by PMC Board Chair Bill Townsend, PMC President, James L. Daily and Medical Staff President Dr. Kris Anderson regarding the work of Porter Medical Center during the past year, and related topics of importance to our organization and community.

For more information call the Porter Medical Center public relations office at 388-4738.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                          FOR MORE INFORMATION:
October 6, 2014                                               Apoorva Stull (202) 955-3567 & Andy Reynolds (202) 955-3518


NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home™ standards emphasize enhanced care through patient-clinician partnership

WASHINGTON, DC—The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) has recently announced that Addison Family Medicine, Bristol Internal Medicine, Porter Internal Medicine Middlebury Family Health and Middlebury Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine have received NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Recognition for using evidence-based, patient-centered processes that focus on highly coordinated care and long-term, participative relationships. Four other area practices, Little City Family Practice, Rainbow Pediatrics, Mountain Health Center and Neshobe Family Medicine are in the process of completing their application for this important designation.

The NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home is a model of primary care that combines teamwork and information technology to improve care, improve patients’ experience of care and reduce costs. Medical homes foster ongoing partnerships between patients and their personal clinicians, instead of approaching care as the sum of episodic office visits. Each patient’s care is overseen by clinician-led care teams that coordinate treatment across the health care system. Research shows that medical homes can lead to higher quality and lower costs, and can improve patient and provider reported experiences of care.

“NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition raises the bar in defining high-quality care by emphasizing access, health information technology and coordinated care focused on patients,” said NCQA President Margaret E. O’Kane. “Recognition shows that these practices have the tools, systems and resources to provide its patients with the right care, at the right time.”

To earn recognition, which is valid for three years, medical practices must demonstrate the ability to meet the program’s key elements, embodying characteristics of the medical home. NCQA standards aligned with the joint principles of the Patient-Centered Medical Home established with the American College of Physicians, the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Osteopathic Association.

NCQA is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to improving health care quality. NCQA accredits and certifies a wide range of health care organizations. It also recognizes clinicians and practices in key areas of performance. NCQA’s Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®) is the most widely used performance measurement tool in health care. NCQA is committed to providing health care quality information for consumers, purchasers, health care providers and researchers

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