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Transitions in Care Initiative

As part of Porter’s continuing efforts to improve the patient experience from admission through discharge and beyond, the Transitions of Care Committee was developed. The multidisciplinary team includes staff from throughout the Porter Medical Care continuum, and works collaboratively to ensure a seamless patient transition from the hospital to the next level of care. In addition to focusing on internal processes, the team continues the work of developing improved partnering relationships with community healthcare and supportive agencies, programs, and facilities.

Goals of the Committee include:

  • Improved patient and family understanding of their choices and care options as they relate to the discharge and transfer process;
  • Improved patient outcomes through the provision of quality patient care, education, and care coordination;
  • Decreasing unnecessary readmissions and Emergency Care visits.

Emergency Department Throughput

With the understanding that Emergency Department visits are often stress filled for patients and their families, a multidisciplinary team has been formed to review and improve the overall Emergency Department experience.

The goals of this project include:

  • Decreased patient wait times, both upon arrival and during the provision of care;
  • Keeping patients and their families informed throughout their Emergency Department visit;
  • Streamlining current processes for efficiency, while ensuring the provision of high quality, patient centered care;
  • Improving patient and staff satisfaction in relation to the overall delivery of care.

SHHH Campaign: Silent Hospitals Help Healing

In a fast paced hospital environment, it is easy for staff to lose sight of the importance of promoting rest and healing for the patients we serve. With this in mind, Porter Hospital has taken steps to raise awareness of the importance of promoting a quiet, restful environment for our patients.

These steps include:

  • Signage to encourage staff and visitors to maintain lower noise levels;
  • Overhead announcement daily of “quiet time” to allow patients a period of rest;
  • Sleep kits, which include products to promote rest and sleep;
  • Noise level trackers in patient care areas to raise staff awareness of the noise volume;
  • A review of the equipment in patient care areas that cause increased noise to determine ways to decrease the noise level.

Goals of this initiative include:

  • Improved patient and family satisfaction;
  • Promotion of patient rest and healing for improved outcomes;
  • Increased staff awareness of the impact of the noise level on their patients.

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